Upload Your Product

  1. Register and Click “Apply to be a Vendor” check box.
  2. Fill out information on vendor application, be sure to view info on all 3 tabs before clicking apply to be vendor button, (though the majority of the fields are not required)
  3. In your account home click “Add New Product”
  4. In your Pro Dashboard click “Products”
  5. Click “Add New Product”
  6. Fill out all product information.
  7. Choose category, and create tags.
  8. Upload cover and galley images.
  9. Click “Downloadable” check box.
  10. Add price.
  11. Name your file, click “Choose File”, then upload.
  12. Set download limit and expiration.
  13. Click “Add Product” your product should now be in showing in the category you chose as well as in the featured section.
  14. Here is a link to a free pdf compressor: http://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf just in case you have problems uploading your product.

When setting prices there is no need to include a dollar sign.

All Cover images should be 400×600.

Below is a video tutorial: