The Legend of the Azaniac


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This illustrated ode introduces the return of the Zulu Short Spear Clan as its last survivor. He returns from hibernation to cope with the rise of The Boar, the most vicious enemy ever. To learn that industrialization and war has overwhelmed the nations of the Great Short Spear Clan, The Azaniac, with his diamond typed spear is after revenge, power and order tfor all that is Zulu. Created by Prof. Onli. This book also includes “Woflshead. This Afrofurturist tale was written by the amazing author, Gary Phillips. Illustrated by Nigeria’s D’hira Yesufu. Coloring by ONLI STUDIOS’ Kali Johnson. Plus the award winning illustrated poem, Melanated Mood, by Marian Hayes. We know you will love this discovery in Sword and Soul Afrofuturism in a Rhythmistic Context from ONLI STUDIOS and “The Father of the Black Age”.


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