Onyx- I Am No Hero


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For Maria Velasquez, the word hero is a loaded word. Ever since tapping into the power of a hidden artifact made with the power of shadows, she has done all she could to ward off evil in the guise of her alter-ego, the vigilante known as Onyx. But with each day and each effort, she realizes more and more the complex nature of life, and comes to realize there are very few things that are as simple as good and evil.

She watches as other around her leave behind the life or perish in the cause of good, including her lover David. She comes to demand of herself the ultimate question: Is what she is doing worth her efforts, or does the future of a vigilante hero lead only to the loss of herself? As one of her greatest Adversaries, the nearly invincible Demolisher, arrives on the scene, Maria will be put to the final test as she puts her life on the line to defend innocent lives even as she wonders if being a hero is truly all that she once believed it to be.


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