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This is a sampler that showcases major characters in the prolific powerful ONLIVERSE. These Rhythmistic characters are charting new territory. They launched the growing Black Age of Comics genre and more. This is to
share with you the Fun, Fire & Funk of all things ONLIVERSE. ONLI STUDIOS was been publishing indie graphic novels since 1981. We know you will be impressed. Why be so attached to characters that were created during the Great Depression or during the Viet Nam War era? the ONLIVERSE is the new and the now! Just like you!
“FREE THE ONLIVERSE….download and share this exploration as we grow in the public eye!”


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Ownership is the highest form of appreciation! We appreciate your participation in our growing line of hot Rhythmistic products.  These amazing future-primitif master-works of visual and literary art continue to go and express what and where the mainstream will not. Why follow characters that were created in the 1940s or early 1960s when you can be in the exciting now of tomorrow’s best?

 ONLI STUDIOS is a force of creativity, culture and commerce gets its inspiration from each of you! Our source material is the richness of the timeless Black and African world view.

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