NOG NU: Nubian of Greatness, The Protector of the Pyramides


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Welcome to the first story from an indie Black Age operation! NOG, The Nubian of Greatness is the most powerful hero in the Black Age. He is not only a demigod but also the Protector of the Pyramides of Planet NUBA. NOG is the character and story that opened the door to the growing Black Age movement when is was first published by ONLI STUDIOS. Art and story by Prof. Onli. Digital color by the awesome Ashley A. Woods. In this exciting story Planet NUBA is under attack from the Mag-Non,the wickedly vicious T-Monster, from the dangerously sterile legacy of Technocratic Complex. Their goal is to destroy all that is the NUBA and to steal the secrets that are stored in the sacred Pyramides of Planet NUBA. This is WAR!!! Prof. Onli, the visionary “Father of the Black Age”, uses the French spelling for the term “pyramids” as a tribute to the years he spent illustrating and researching in Paris and his exchanges with the late great artist & story-teller, Moebius which inspired him to launch ONLI STUDIOS as the leading indie publisher in the Black Age of Comics Movement.


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