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Welcome to an amazingly hot Rhythmistic masterwork. Story and Art by Prof. Onli. Digital Color by the very talented Ashley A. Woods.This is the second episode in this tale about the most powerful hero in the Black Age!!! NOG is fearlessly defending against the vicious surprise attack of the super-gross T-Monster who is trying to destroy the precious Pyramides of Planet NUBA. The clairvoyant Royal NUBIAN rulers know this must not happen. They decide to send NOG and dangerously sick T-Monster to a sterile battle-field were NOG may be victorious. Because Mag-Non, The T-Monster, is actually energized by the essence of Planet NUBA. The plan is to create a setting where NOG will prevail. Once NOG arrives in Da Jects of Earth’s New Afrika City State we witness the unexpected surprises that await. Gang wars. Black Age Heroes, The Police and more. This is the second historical-fiction afrofuturist installment in the NOG storyline from the “Father of the Black Age”, Prof. Onli. “Malcolm-10, Sustah-Girl,the Zkullz, The Negro Nazis… oh no!!!!!”


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Ownership is the highest form of appreciation! We appreciate your participation in our growing line of hot Rhythmistic products.  These amazing future-primitif master-works of visual and literary art continue to go and express what and where the mainstream will not. Why follow characters that were created in the 1940s or early 1960s when you can be in the exciting now of tomorrow’s best?

 ONLI STUDIOS is a force of creativity, culture and commerce gets its inspiration from each of you! Our source material is the richness of the timeless Black and African world view.

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