Monsters 101, chapter five: “Holdin’ Out for a Hero


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Cliff, the hall monitor and darling of the Tanglewood Middle School faculty is fed up with Willy Pugg terrorizing the halls of his beloved school. But can the golden-haired hero finally stop the rampages of the world’s most dangerous bully when the Pugg has made the decision that he no longer wants to be human?

This title is a chapter excerpt from the original graphic novel Monsters 101, Book One: “From Bully to Monster” by M. Rasheed.


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Second Sight Graphix

This book was created, written and drawn by cartoonist M. Rasheed, and published through Second Sight Graphix.  Autographed copies are available upon request to the author.

Graphic Novel
6.14” x 9.21”
Perfect binding
color cover; b&w interior

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