Battle for Stonehenge #1


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So what do you get when 2 of the most powerful countries in the world come together to combat a common foe? You guessed it “Zombies” part of the Apex program. The U.S. and Britain have combined magic and biochemicals, injected and infused into dead corpse’s to fight the Taliban, in order to limit the loss of U.S. and British lives downrange. But it went horribly wrong, as portal was opened above Stonehenge ancient demonic forces invaded reanimating the dead. An unstoppable zombie horde was unleashed killing all in it’s path, sending the British country side into a proverbial slide to hell. It’s Relick’s first solo misson, A creature known only as Half-Hell was spawned leading the zombie horde intent on destroying the country, does Relick gain allies or a quick death, this is going to get nasty! “Arrogance is the destroyer of great nations, about this history does not lie.” Quote by L.A. Kendrick.


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